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Hostel, Hotel or AirBnB: where to Stay as a Long-Term Traveler?

Last updated: January 26, 2024
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Working travel is different than tourist travel. If you’re traveling for multiple months, or even years, there’s a good chance you won’t feel like switching cities every 4 days. (Speaking from experience, as can be found in our blog on why we prefer slow travel over fast travel: it’s exhausting.) Personally, after traveling South East Asia for 5 months while working remotely on our business, we also realized that hotels and hostels are not perfect for such a long time, as we preferred something a bit more spacious and private. However, this is a matter of personal preferences as well. As the idea of working travel is becoming more popular worldwide, there’s lots of options available if you want to spend some time in a city. Coliving, airbnbs, homestays: we’ve listed the pros and cons of each option for where to stay as a working traveler!

Hotels: Luxury Living for the Long Haul

If you prefer the reliability of consistent standards and reliable facilities, hotels are a solid choice for long-term comfort. We always use to find the best hotel deals. Make sure to check the reviews before you book to get an accurate perception of other travelers’ experiences! We’ve found hotels are great if you’re staying less than a week in a city, but for long-term travel it’s not always the best option – especially if you like some space to work from your laptop.  

Hostels: Community Living on a Budget

Especially if you’re traveling solo for some time, it can get lonely. Many solo travelers prefer to book a dorm bed or a private room through This is not only the budget-friendly option, but also a nice way to meet other travelers from around the world. If you book with HostelWorld, you can check which hostels offer communal spaces and group activities, which can be great opportunities to make new friends. However, if you like your privacy, sharing your bedroom or bathroom might not be your thing. We also realized that hostels are great for solo travel, but if you’re traveling for the long-term, it can get exhausting to meet so many people and say so many goodbyes. Community-Centric Living for Professionals

If you’re planning to stay in a city for longer than a month to really get to know the culture and the way of living, staying in a co-living space could be a great option. Coliving offers co-living spaces in popular digital nomad cities all over the world. You can choose either a private room or a shared room. Co-living accomodations often come with facilities like a gym, a co-working space, and various events to network and socialize. In exchange for the social part and the peace of mind of not having to look for a new place every few days, co-living can be relatively pricey (depending on the facilities and the location). However, you’ll probably save this money back from not buying expensive coffees in coffeeshops every day. Embrace Local Hospitality

If you REALLY want to get the local experience, why not opt for staying with a local family? People all over the world offer their spare rooms to travelers for a small price. They usually know the place better than anyone! A downside is that the availability depends on the popularity in your destination – and ofcourse, you don’t always know whether you’ll get along with your host. HomeStay is a safe and reliable platform to book your homestay.

Airbnb: Local Living, Global Experience

If you’re staying for some time, you might as well treat yourself to the flexibility and space of having your own apartment or studio. In addition to the privacy, apartments on often come with their own kitchen and washing machine – hello saving money on eating out and laundry services. Do make sure to check the reviews before you book, because the quality/price range may vary.

Where to Stay as a Long-Term Traveler: your Stay, Your Way

The world of long-term accommodations is as diverse as the travelers who visit them. Consider your budget, preferences, and the kind of experience you want. Whether it’s the social vibe of a hostel, the personal touch of a homestay, or the convenience of a hotel, there’s a perfect home away from home waiting for you. It’s up to you in the end! Sometimes it’s best to try multiple options to find what suits you best.


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Last updated: January 26, 2024
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